Neighborhood Home Series

  • 10 affordable floor plans to choose from
  • Building in Goodnight Ranch, Killeen Texas (no lots currently available, lots available late 2021)
  • Sendero Estates, Belton Texas
  • Hubbard Branch (off of FM 436) Belton
  • Coming Soon: Valley at Great Hills, Copperas Cove Texas
  • Coming Early 2021: River Place Phase 2, Kempner Texas

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Available Homes

Sub DivisionAvailabilityAddressFloor Plan
Sendero Estates, BeltonUNDER CONTRACT1004 Damascus1973
Sendero Estates, BeltonSOLD804 Damascus1973
Sendero Estates, BeltonUNDER CONTRACT912 Damascus2045
Sendero Estates, BeltonUNDER CONTRACT916 Damascus2224 modif.
Settlers Pass, KilleenUNDER CONTRACT910 Earp Drive2224
Settlers Pass, KilleenUNDER CONTRACT909 Marlow Cove1571
Settlers Pass, KilleenUNDER CONTRACT911 Marlow Cove1971
Settlers Pass, KilleenUNDER CONTRACT908 Earp Drive1676
Settlers Pass, KilleenUNDER CONTRACT6910 Cassidy Lane1571
Hubbard Branch, BeltonSOLD1425 Fossil Trail1973
Hubbard Branch, BeltonUNDER CONTRACT1511 Fossil Trail2045
Hubbard Branch, BeltonUNDER CONTRACT1603 Fossil Trail1971
Hubbard Branch, BeltonUNDER CONTRACT1607 Fossil Trail1973
Sendero Estates, BeltonFOR SALE920 Damascus2045
Sendero Estates, BeltonFOR SALE3317 Charbray1973
Sendero Estates, BeltonFOR SALE3321 Charbray2045
Sendero Estates, BeltonFOR SALE3325 Charbray1973
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1611 Fossil Trail2224
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1615 Fossil Trail2045
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1703 Fossil Trail1973
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1707 Fossil Trail2224
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1711 Fossil Trail2045
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1715 Fossil Trail2224
Hubbard Branch, BeltonFOR SALE1719 Fossil Trail1971