Neighborhood Home Series

Builder: Dustin Chappell

  • 9 affordable floor plans to choose from
  • Lots available in Goodnight Ranch (Killeen) and Skyline Valley (Copperas Cove)

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Excellent Customer Service

Custom Design & Build Series

Builder: John D. Bowen

  • Land Aquisition
  • Plan Design
  • Custom Specs
  • Custom Construction

All homes are individually prices ranging from $105/sqft to $400/sqft

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Available Homes

Sub DivisionAvailabilityAddressFloor PlanFinished BySales PriceSpecials
Goodnight RanchAvailable4405 Texas Ranger22244/31/2017$175,200Kitchen granite, full yard sod, privacy fence, stanless steel appliances, refrigerator
Goodnight RanchSOLD4500 Jim Foley222408/11/2017$175,478Four sides brick, kitchen granite, separate shower, two tone paint
Goodnight RanchAvailable4504 Texas Ranger222406/09/2017$176,550Kitchen granite, 30% stone exterior,full yard sod, separate shower, ORB fixures, refrigerator
Goodnight RanchAvailable7607 Oliver Loving222409/01/2017$177,550Kitchen granite, full yard sod, separate shower, crown molding, sprinkler system, 4 sides brick, upgraded front door
Skyline ValleySOLD2407 Settlement157109/18/2017$130,750Kitchen granite, four sides brick
Goodnight RanchSOLD4503 Texas Ranger204509/28/2017$155,150Kitchen granite, 6' privacy fence
Goodnight RanchAvailable4509 Texas Ranger222407/12/2017$175,950Kitchen granite, two-tone paint, full yard sod
Skyline ValleySOLD2524 Heartland212211/01/2017$159,050Kitchen granite, front and side yard sod, upgrade front door, privacy fence
Goodnight RanchAvailable4408 Jim Foley222408/15/2017$180,950Kitchen granite, two tone paint, ORB fixtures, stainless appliances, refrigerator, full yard sod, privacy fence, crown modling, sprinkler system
Skyline ValleyAvailable2515 Heartland22244/31/2017$170,500Front door upgrade, kitchen granite, full yard sod, 30% stone front exterior
Skyline ValleyAvailable2809 Settlement204510/06/2017$154,000Kitchen granite, 30% stone exterior, stainless steel appliances, front and side yard sod, privacy fence
Goodnight RanchSOLD7605 Oliver Loving222408/22/2017$173,963Kitchen granite, full yard sod, ORB fixtures, carpet in master and bedroom 3
Skyline ValleyAvailable2525 Heartland159401/01/2018$143,950Front and side yard sod, granite with tile backsplash, 6' privacy fence, upgrade front door
Skyline ValleyAvailable2411 Settlement222409/01/2017$174,925Separate shower in master, 30% stone front only, granite with tile backsplash, upgrade front door, ORB, SS appliances, frt/side sod, backyard sod
Goodnight RanchAvailable4400 Jim Foley197110/01/2017$157,25030% stone front exterior, separate shower in master, granite with tile backsplash, front and side yard sod, backyard sod
Goodnight RanchAvailable7508 Oliver Loving178409/01/2017$146,100Granite with tile backsplash, front and side yard sod, backyard sod, upgrade front door
Goodnight RanchSOLD4502 Texas Ranger222408/22/2017$149,220Kitchen granite, full yard sod, stainless appliances, garage door opener
Skyline ValleySOLD2511 Heartland178409/15/2017$148,219Kitchen granite, upgrade front door, full yard sod, sprinkler system, ORB fixtures, 2-tone paint, stainless appliances
Skyline ValleyAvailable3505 Moline197111/01/2017$153,800Kitchen granite, stainless steel appliances, upgrade front door, front and side yard Bermuda sod
Goodnight RanchSOLD4404 Jim Foley178411/27/2017$145,100Kitchen granite, front and side yard sod
Skyline ValleySOLD2413 Settlement204501/31/2018$159,720Kitchen granite, full yard sod, 30% rock front, separate shower, stainless appliances
Goodnight RanchComing Soon7600 Oliver Loving1594$141,360Kitchen granite, front and side yard sod, 2 tone paint